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Brooke Sines

“As a new real estate agent, I knew I wanted to get a coach as many successful agents around me were being coached. After searching through many coaching options, I was super excited to find the Workman Success Systems team.They blew me out of the water with their systems and organization, as well as real world examples I could put to use immediately. I’ve continued to double my business year after year and attribute a lot of it to Workman!”

Josh May

“Our 1st year of coaching we were a team of four. Most of the production was coming from me, and I was working 70 hours a week. Our total transactions that year were 105 with a GCI of $727,000. Not bad, but I didn’t have a life.
In our 2nd year of coaching we were a team of seven. We sold 170 homes, and our GCI was $1,334,000. Most importantly, I got my life back. I was able to reduce my workload to 40 hours a week, and overall have the most profitable year of my career from a net income standpoint. We continue to coach, and we continue to grow both personally and professionally.”

Lindsey Vaughn

“For me in my office, Workman Success Systems is giving them a system that is easy to use and step-by-step. What Workman has done is created a template that they can personalize. Even with my top-producing agents, I have seen a 15–20 percent increase in their business — that is what Workman’s done for us. I have lots of agents who make six figures, but now we’re seeing them go beyond that.”

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